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How It Works.

  1. Fill out a contact form, available on our website.

  2. Schedule a first lesson via Zoom. For this virtual meeting, we ask that you prepare and submit responses to our Behavior Questionnaire. We’ll discuss your responses, and help you implement some simple solutions from day one. You should allow 90 minutes for this initial meeting.

  3. Schedule an in-person lesson. Based on your and your dog’s needs, we’ll determine which lesson format is right for you. Usually, lessons are 30- or 60-minute in-home lessons.

  4. Following your lesson, our team will reach out to you via text message with a homework assignment. We’ll ask that you reply by submitting videos of your work with your dog so that we can see how things are going! We provide feedback on your homework via a Zoom lesson, so the sooner you submit your videos, the more time you’ll have to make any recommended changes. 

  5. Schedule follow-up lessons. We work through a combination of in-person and/or Zoom lessons. There are some issues for which we work almost exclusively via zoom, and some that are best treated in-person, when possible. For clients who fall far outside of our usual 20-mile travel radius, we may work more frequently in a remote format. There is no minimum or maximum number of lessons — we work with you until the job is done.

The pacing of lessons is up to you, but we recommend meeting in-person every 7-14 days, with a homework meeting via Zoom in between. For clients who may be aided by more frequent contact with us, we may suggest enrolling in our daily training lessons/walks, in-home intensive lessons, or field trips — based on our availability.

Standard Fees.

First Lesson (60-min via Zoom): $155

Follow-Ups (may be in-person or via Zoom):

  • 60-min Lesson: $140

  • 30-min Lesson*: $75

*30-min lessons are only available in-person for clients located in the Roanoke/Salem area.


Homework Reviews (via Zoom, 30-min): $55

For additional services and fees, see the Pricing page on our website.

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