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When we think of obedience training, we think about life skills: coming when called, waiting at doors or intersections, and sitting when asked. No task is too big or small! From puppy to advanced, Kim’s methodical, science-based approach to clicker-training is easy and effective.



Does your dog growl, lunge, or bark on walks? Maybe he shies away from sudden noises, hides when company comes over, or growls over his food bowl. Dogs who engage in these behaviors are trying to communicate with us: their thoughts, needs, and fears. You might think of behavior modification like attending a therapy session for your dog/with your dog. Together, we’ll work to identify your dog’s triggers, to create a plan to better manage his exposure to those triggers, and to help him learn to safely, comfortably, and confidently interact with them.



Getting home to walk your dog on a lunch break can be extraordinarily difficult. Time is short, so often, lunchtime walks are quick spins around the block with little thought or attention paid to where our dogs would really want to go, much less to their leash-walking skills.

To the rescue.

Daily walks with Wags are a full-on enrichment experience for your dog: physical exercise, lots of good sniffs, and reinforcement of your dog’s obedience skills.



It’s hard to be a great dog-parent. Dogs need time to explore and experience new things -- you know, out in nature. Those excursions can be hard to fit in around your 9-5, and on weekends, things like laundry, grocery shopping, and household projects often consume our time.
You can book a field trip for your dog to any destination: a pet-friendly store, a favorite hiking spot, or greenway. Transportation is included.

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