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Waggy tails + happy humans.


Oscar had a traumatizing puppyhood until we found him at 5 months old. Two weeks after bringing Oscar home, he was attacked by another dog. Since then, he has been as loving as can be with humans but has severe leash aggression. We spent countless hours, resources and money trying to help him. After trying two behaviorists, e-collars, and medication we had very little success and had just given up on taking him on walks or in public in general. We found Kim by chance, who saw potential in Oscar. After working with Kim he has exceeded everyone’s expectations and when he does react we are now able to get his attention and redirect him -- which was impossible before. Additionally, he had always gotten along great with our other dog, until one day, out of nowhere, he began acting unpredictably. Oscar was starting upwards of 10+ fights a day with our other dog. We found ourselves living in what felt like a war zone. Kim worked with us for months -- and I have to admit, I had very little hope of ever being able to go back to peaceful coexistence with both our pups. But Kim never gave up on him, even when it felt hopeless at times -- and if it wasn’t for her I don’t know what we would have done. She saw potential, even after many other trainers had given up on him. We couldn’t ask for anything more! Kim has made more progress with him than we ever thought was possible. She’s made a difference in our lives and most importantly, Oscar’s.

Shanna + Oscar


Bobbie has been a true blessing to our family. Hoke has a noise phobia so bad that everyday outside noises use to scare him. Hoke broke my arm pulling me down because of this! Bobbie has worked with Hoke to make him feel more confident on walks and being outside. Bobbie is kind and patient when working with Hoke. We can now walk across the room without Hoke jumping on us. We are not done working with Bobbie, but she has helped us bring Hoke to a whole to level.

Ashley + Hoke


Kim Wegel sets the gold standard on dog training. Beginning with the relationship between you and your dog, Kim works to understand both you and your dog’s personalities and needs. By understanding the dog-human relationship and addressing both of your needs, Kim is able to build up positive behaviors and establish cues for working together.
When I adopted my dog, Joel, a year ago, Kim’s bar was the standard by which we developed our relationship and daily practices. We worked to get to know who Joel is as a dog and how he communicates, and we were able to come up with systems by which Joel and I can communicate and establish expectations.
Kim practices compassionate communication and inspires positivity and canine communication by utilizing animal psychology and incentive-based reinforcement in her practices.  
I truly cannot say enough nice things about her and, when I knew I was looking to adopt, she was who I called. She helped me think about what I was looking for in a companion and behaviors to look for and consider when meeting young puppies. As we established our daily practices, Kim was a daily force of positivity and training knowledge. Again, I cannot physically say enough positive things!

Madison + Joel


Hearing from happy dog-human teams is the best part of this job. Tell Wags by Wegel how your + your dog's lives have changed!

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